Royal Opera House

Kay Weston has also supplied animals for various prestigious performances live at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.

Llesire d’amore – Ozzie the Jack Russell worked in 2007 and again in 2009. His sudden appearance on stage got the biggest laugh in the opera and he too got rave reviews in the National Press.

Llesire d’amore November and December 2012 – As Ozzie had passed on his part was now taken by young Alfie.  In true tradition he carried out the part perfectly as an unexpected dog dashing across stage always gets the biggest laugh and Alfie got rave reviews in the national press like Ozzie before him!

PAGLIACCI – Polyanne the donkey.

THE MAGIC FLUTE – A Perigrin Falcon.

KATYA KABANOVA – A Pair of Cob Horses

CARMEN – Several performances up to 2009. Louis the majestic
Black horse with a wonderful temperament. He allowed different performers to ride him and took all the loud singing and noise in his stride. A real gentle giant who always got a mention in the National Press.

Polyanne the Donkey – A crowd pleaser.

Three Chickens, one nick named Carmhen!

Rusalka – A black cat called Girl to sit on a sofa then run offstage which she did perfectly every performance

Falstaff – An Irish Draft Horse of over 17 hands called Rupert who was a perfect gentleman in every way .He was there to carry Falstafff in this wonderful Opera and did so beautifully

All these animals had to perform live before a capacity audience of 2,000 people. No cuts or retakes possible so reliability and training were paramount. All these animals performed brilliantly. All trained with kindness and reward.